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Terms & Conditions:
1.  Pre-Order Pass (POP) IDR 5mio (refundable)
2. 1 POP is valid for 1 Unit of The Loggia White Label
3. Select your unit before 31st December 2020


Say goodbye to boring layout that looks like everyone else. Say goodbye to default flooring and standard ceilings. Say goodbye to mediocrity. Say hello to creativity! It's time to express yourself.

Freedom by Function

Design a layout that suits you. Transform the space as you see fit, do you need an extra bedroom, a bike rack or music studio? Configure the unit layout as you like!

Freedom to Relax

The resindece is equipped by various shared facilities to enrich your life. From Bike Corner, Sky Garden, BBQ Area, Movie Room, Business Lounge and many more!

Freedom by Design

Freedom to create from floor to ceiling. Start finding the right tile for your home. We'll also leave it up to you to decide what to do with the ceiling.

Freedom to Live, Work & Play

Closer to opportunities. Strategically located near the golden triangle area of Sudirman CBD, Lingkar Mega Kuningan and T.B. Simatupang.

Freedom by Style

Express your unique personality in the theme of your home. Whatever your style, our units are designed to accommodate your taste.

Freedom by Size

The days of deciding apartment units by the number of bedrooms are over. Our units are offered by sizes; Big, Bigger, Extra Big, Very Big, Super Big.

Welcome to The Loggia

The Loggia is designed by an International team of award-winning and highly-acclaimed designers from London--BroadwayMalyan--, Tokyo--Atelier Bow-Wow-- and Los Angeles--SWA.
Now introducing, White Label Units. Limited Units. Limited Time. Unlimited Creativity.

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